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Our Role

The Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority (IAASA) is the independent body in Ireland responsible for the:

  • examination and enforcement of certain listed entities’ periodic  financial reporting;
  • supervision of how the PABs regulate and monitor their members; and
  • oversight of the regulatory functions of the Recognised Accountancy Bodies in relation to statutory auditors; and
  • the inspection and promotion of improvements in the quality of auditing of Public Interest Entities (‘PIEs’).

IAASA’S mission is:

to contribute to Ireland having a strong regulatory environment in which to do business by supervising and promoting high quality financial reporting, auditing and effective regulation of the accounting profession in the public interest

Objectives and goals

The principal objectives of IAASA, which are set out in Section 904 of the  Companies Act 2014, provide the framework for its activities.

These statutory objectives have been translated into the following strategic goals:

  • to examine and promote improvements in the quality of financial reporting;
  • to inspect and promote improvements in the quality of auditing of public interest entities;   
  • to oversee the RABs’ performance of their functions in respect of statutory auditors and to examine and promote improvements in the quality of the PABs’ regulatory activities;
  • to adopt and issue auditing standards and related guidance;
  • to respond to non-compliance within our remit robustly, promptly and proportionately;
  • to promote adherence to high professional standards by accountants, auditors and preparers of financial reports; and
  • to provide specialist advice and support to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation and high quality information to our stakeholders on key auditing and accounting matters.