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Career opportunities in IAASA


IAASA has a number of opportunities to join the team, including:

  • Audit inspector (closed)

Audit Inspectors inspect the quality of the audits of public interest entities as well as the internal quality control processes of the major audit firms. They participate in inspections of these firms, dealing with senior staff and partners at those firms.

  • Financial reporting specialist (closed)

IAASA examines annual and half-yearly financial reports of certain listed entities for compliance with financial reporting standards (principally IFRS and Irish GAAP), and relevant legislation. It also  liaises with other countries’ financial reporting and enforcement bodies and fora.  Financial reporting specialists take a lead role in these examinations and assignments.

  • Legal services manager (part-time) (closed)

The legal services manager provides in-house legal advice to the Authority on all matters, in the main pertaining to the Companies Acts.  S/he also acts as Data Protection Officer.  

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IAASA is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and welcomes applications from people with disabilities. 

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