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IAASA publishes its 2021 Annual Report


IAASA has published its 2021 Annual Report, providing a summary of IAASA’s activities during 2021.  The Report includes an overview of IAASA’s work across its principal statutory functions, including significant developments during 2021, strategies employed and the outcomes associated with those strategies.  These highlights include the:
  • inspection of 31 audits of public interest entities;
  • revocation of the recognition of two accountancy bodies in Ireland;
  • examination of 43 issuers’ financial reports to check compliance with the relevant reporting framework;
  • making of two enforcement settlement agreements with an accountancy body and an audit partner;
  • adoption of a suite of quality management standards for application by auditors;
  • The issue of two sets of regulatory guidelines on continuing education and investigation and disciplinary processes to the recognised accountancy bodies;
  • election of IAASA to the board of the International Forum for Independent Audit Regulators for a four year term; 
  • publication of two thematic reviews related to PIE auditors; and
  • definition of our shared organisational values and core behaviours
IAASA’s annual report also includes its 2021 financial statements, as well as information on IAASA’s governance and structure.
You can access the 2021 Annual Report here.
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