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Employment opportunities in IAASA


Direct inspection of the quality of audit work performed by the auditors of Public Interest Entities has been undertaken by IAASA since June 2016.  The role of an Audit Inspector is to inspect the quality of the audits of such entities as well as the internal quality control processes of the major audit firms. An inspector will participate in on-site inspections of the major audit firms dealing with senior staff and partners at those firms.

The successful candidate(s) will be a qualified accountant(s) and will have substantial and recent experience at audit manager level or above auditing listed companies or other major entities, preferably in a large audit firm.  IAASA is seeking candidates from a range of backgrounds including IT audit, banking, funds, insurance and non-financial services audit backgrounds. 

Further details of the posts can be found here.

IAASA is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and welcomes applications from people with disabilities. 

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