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Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) in the United Kingdom has revised its Ethical and Auditing Standards

This week, the Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) in the United Kingdom issued a major revision to the UK’s Ethical Standard and revised its Auditing Standards, which may be accessed here.


The Auditing Framework for Ireland is based on the FRC’s Auditing Framework. IAASA’s policy is to have minimal amendments to the UK framework. Amendments will be considered where there is a conflict with Irish or EU law or where there are clear, distinct differences between the Irish and UK markets, which impact upon the applicability of standards. 


In this context, IAASA will review the changes made by the FRC and, in due course, issue a public consultation on proposed changes to the Ethical Standard for Auditors (Ireland) and International Standards on Auditing (Ireland). IAASA in its consultation will consult on the suitable effective date for any Irish revisions.