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FRC publishes an illustrative example of an Irish auditor’s report reflecting the requirements of ISA (UK and Ireland) 700 (Revised June 2013)

Thursday, 30th January, 2014: The UK’s Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published an illustrative auditor’s report. This is an update to Example 14 in Bulletin 1(I) Compendium of Illustrative Auditor’s Reports on Irish Financial Statements. It reflects the changes to the International Standard on Auditing (UK and Ireland) 700 made in October 2012 and June 2013. 

The updated illustration can be found on the FRC website here

The FRC develops and maintains auditing and assurance standards and guidance for engagements that are performed in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Pursuant to its statutory function of cooperating in the development of auditing standards, IAASA has observer status at the meetings of the Audit and Assurance Council of the FRC.