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IAASA publishes financial reporting decisions

IAASA, Ireland’s accounting enforcer, has today published selected financial reporting decisions covering both instances where IAASA concurred and did not concur with the financial reporting treatment adopted by the following issuers:

The Transparency (Directive 2004/109/EC) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 44 of 2015) came into operation on 9 February 2015. The effect of these Regulations is that IAASA is afforded a wider discretion in terms of publication of its financial reporting decisions than previously. IAASA issued its final Policy Paper on Publication of Financial Reporting Enforcement Findings on the 17 July 2015 after issuing a draft policy paper for comment.  

Readers should note that the financial reporting decisions included in this compendium include decisions where:

  1. the issuer has voluntarily provided undertakings to enhance its financial reporting treatment and/or disclosures in future financial statements to address matters identified in the course of IAASA’s examinations; and 

  1. IAASA concurred with the financial reporting treatment applied by the issuer and, consequently, no corrective actions are required.

The financial reporting decisions for each issuer are included in a compendium of decisions which can be accessed here.

Alternatively, the financial reporting decisions for each individual issuer can be accessed by clicking on links below: