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IFIAR had released its 6th annual survey of findings

The International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (‘IFIAR’), of which IAASA is a member,  has released its sixth annual survey of findings identified by its Members in their individual inspections of audit firms affiliated with six large, international audit firm networks. 


This 6th annual survey can be accessed here.


The IFIAR stakeholders announcement can be accessed here


The report highlights that “Although the frequency of findings from inspections of individual audit engagements has reduced on an overall basis compared to the last survey, progress is not experienced in all jurisdictions or at the same rate. Further, no definitive trends have been noted for findings arising from inspections of firm-wide systems of quality control. These results affirm IFIAR’s views that the global networks must continue in their efforts to strengthen their systems of quality control and drive consistent execution of high quality audits throughout the world.

As described in recent survey reports, IFIAR has challenged the networks to reduce the percentage of listed PIE audits that have inspection findings by at least 25% on an aggregate basis, across the global networks’ member firms within the GAQ Working Group members’ jurisdictions, over a four year period using the 2015 survey results as a baseline. This report reflects the networks’ progress at the measurement period’s mid-point.”


Further details on the role and activities of IFIAR can be accessed on their website here.