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The Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority (IAASA) hosts an annual audit committee briefing on topics of interest to audit committees relating to regulation, corporate reporting and audit committee training.

Please see below a list of presentations and videos of previous audit committee briefings

AC briefing 2023

Audit Committee Briefing 2023 presentation slides here

Audit Committee Briefing 2023 Playlist of 7 Videos:

01. Welcome: here                                             

02. Regulatory update here

03. EC Developments: here                               

04. Sustainability: here

05. Panel: here                                                   

06: Cybersecurity: here

07: Closing Comments: here

AC briefing 2022

Audit Committee Briefing 2022 presentation slides: here

Audit Committee Briefing 2022 Playlist of 8 Videos:

01. Welcome: here                                           

02. Regulatory update here                                    

03. AC Questionnaire Results: here                   

04. Future of Corporate Reporting: here               

05. Corporate and Stakeholder Communications: here                                                                       

06: The AC Panel Session: here                        

07: ESG and The Green Investor: here                 

08: Closing Comments: here

AC briefing 2021

Audit Committee Briefing 2021 presentation slides: here 

Audit Committee Briefing 2021 Playlist of 7 Videos: 

01. Welcome & Introduction: here 

02. General Update on the Irish Regulatory Landscape: here  

03. Overview of the Audit Report: here  

04. Panel Discussion: Audit Reporting, Audit Expectations & Annual Report: here  

05. Audit Quality Unit Update: here  

06: European Regulation and Financial Reporting: here  

07: Closing Comments: here 

AC briefing 2020

Audit Committee Briefing 2020 presentation slides: here

Audit Committee Briefing 2020 Playlist of 5 Videos:

Video 01. General Overview of the Regulatory Landscape: here

Video 02. Changing Role of Audit AC Chair and Audit Firm Perspectives: here

Video 03. Current regulatory requirements for audit Committees: here

Video 04. Audit Committee perspectives through a European lens: here

Video 05: Audit Committee Chair interactions with regulators: here

Full event: here