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How does ESMA’s Guidelines on enforcement of financial information impact on IAASA’s examinations?

IAASA is committed to applying ESMA standards and Guidelines.


In particular, IAASA applies the ESMA Guidelines on enforcement of financial information (ref. 4 February 2020).


These Guidelines, which apply to all EU competent authorities, including IAASA, undertaking enforcement of financial information under the EU Transparency Directive, apply in relation to the enforcement of financial information under the EU Transparency Directive to ensure that financial information in harmonised documents provided by issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market comply with the requirements resulting from the EU Transparency Directive.


Competent authorities to which these Guidelines apply, which includes IAASA, comply by incorporating them into their supervisory practices. Responsibility for compliance with the provisions of the EU Transparency Directive remains with the designated competent authority. Competent authorities remain under the obligation to make every effort to comply with these guidelines.


These Guidelines require that EU national accounting enforcers’ selection methodologies must include risk-based methodologies. IAASA’s selection of issuers’ periodic financial reports for examination is based on a mixed model, i.e. whereby risk assessments are supplemented by cyclical and random selections.