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How should I select an Accountant or Auditor?

  • IAASA on occasion receives queries from members of the public in relation to selecting an accountant or auditor.IAASA recommends selecting an individual who is a full member of a body which comes within the supervisory remit of IAASA.  These bodies fall into two categories, Prescribed Accountancy Bodies (PABs) and Recognised Accountancy Bodies (RABs). Individuals who are not full members of these bodies do not come under the remit of IAASA. Accordingly, they are not subject to compliance with regulations, investigation and disciplinary systems or ongoing continuous professional development requirements.Prescribed Accountancy Body (accountants)Six accountancy bodies have been granted PAB status in Ireland and therefore come under IAASA’s supervision. Individuals who are members of a PAB and who wish to practice as an accountant must obtain approval, usually in the form of a practising certificate from the relevant PAB.

    Recognised Accountancy Body (accountants and auditors)

    Of the six PABs, three have also been granted RAB status. Only the RABs may train, authorise and regulate their members to act as statutory auditors in IrelandTherefore, only a suitably qualified member of a RAB who has been authorised as an auditor can be selected to undertake audits required under Irish legislation. Details of such auditors are listed on the Auditor Register, which is available on the Companies Registration Office website

    A list of the six PABs and three RABs and the designatory letters in order to identify their full members are outlined below:


    Accountancy Body Full Name Designatory Letters PAB / PAB & RAB


    ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA or FCCA PAB & RAB
    AIA Association of International Accountants AAIA or FAIA PAB
    CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ACMA or FCMA PAB
    CIPFA Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy CPFA PAB
    ICAI Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland ACA or FCA PAB & RAB
    ICPAI Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland CPA or FCPA

    AIPA or FIPA

    PAB & RAB

    Contact details for each of the six PABS are available here.