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What is IAASA’s role under the EU Transparency Directive

IAASA’s role under the EU Transparency Directive is to examine the annual and half-yearly financial statements of entities whose securities (shares and debt) are admitted to trading on a regulated market. In IAASA’s case, such entities are primarily equity, debt and closed-ended investment funds whose securities are admitted to trading on the Main Market of Euronext Dublin.

IAASA is designated the authority as an independent competent authority for the purposes of Article 24(4)(h) of the EU Transparency Directive, i.e. for examining information prepared pursuant to the EU Transparency Directive’s requirements.

Regulation 42(2)  of the Transparency (Directive 2004/109/EC) Regulations (S.I. 277/2007) provides that

IAASA shall examine information drawn up pursuant to Regulations 4 to 8 by issuers whose home Member State is the State for the purpose of considering whether such information is in accordance with the relevant reporting framework’.