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IAASA invites potential members and advisors to enquiry/investigation committees

IAASA undertakes statutory enquiries (‘s933 Enquiries’) and investigations (‘s934 Investigations’) under the companies act 2014 and its own regulations. The preliminary stages are undertaken by the executive. From time to time, IAASA may need to establish committees to carry out full enquiries/investigations, where the matter cannot be settled by mutual agreement before that stage. Membership of these committees, including chairpersons, is selected from a panel of eligible appointees. IAASA is seeking to update this panel, and expressions are particularly welcome from members of prescribed accountancy bodies.

In addition, these committees will retain their own legal advisor to act on the committees’ behalf. IAASA is also seeking to establish a panel of suitably qualified individuals for this role.

Further information is available below:

S933_934 MEMBER Expressions of Interest Form 2024.pdf

S933_934 ADVISOR Expressions of Interest Form 2024.pdf

The closing date for receipt of expressions is 12:00 noon, Monday, 15 July 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.