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Explore our repository of AQU publications which provide insights from the quality units thematic reviews and thought leadership

IAASA Thematic Publications

  • November, 2023: Quality of audit evidence and audit procedures performed on the financial statement disclosures  here. Video: here
  • December, 2021: Data analytics in Ireland’s statutory audit market here
  • April, 2021: Transparency Reporting – Thematic Review here
  • November, 2020: The audit of accounting estimates here
  • September, 2020: ISA (Ireland) 701 – Thematic Reviewhere

IAASA’s inspection insight series

  • October, 2023: Insight series 3 – Communication with Those Charged with Governance (TCWG) here. Video: here
  • December, 2022: Insight series 2 – Auditing related party transactions here.  Video: here
  • November, 2021: Insight series 1 – Auditing cash and cash equivalents: here  Video: here