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  • IAASA issues a revised version of ISA (Ireland) 505

    Following public consultation, IAASA has today (25 March) issued a…

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  • IAASA publishes reports on the quality assurance review of firms that audit public-interest entities

    Increase in percentage of inspected audit files needing improvement. Results…

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  • IAASA’s inspection insight series 4 – Engagement Quality Reviews

    IAASA’s Audit Quality Unit evaluated the quality of EQRs for…

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  • IAASA has published a Consultation paper on its proposal to adopt a Sustainability Assurance Standard in Ireland.

    IAASA has published a Consultation paper on its proposal to…

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  • IAASA invites potential members and advisors to enquiry/investigation committees

    IAASA undertakes statutory enquiries (‘s933 Enquiries’) and investigations (‘s934 Investigations’)…

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